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September 17 , 2012 In: Gardening

Container Gardening for Butterflies

Decks, patios, terraces and porches are prime candidates for a butterfly garden. By following some of our tips below you will be able to attract butterflies without digging one hole.

July 17 , 2012 In: Gardening

The Best Garden Plants for Butterfly

Because butterflies are cold-bloodied and need warmth for survival, plant flowers where they will receive sun the better part of the day. If you have a vegetable garden incorporate a few butterfly favorites within your vegetables. The flowers will add color and some act as companion plants that may help control insects. Also, certain butterflies […]

November 19 , 2011 In: Gardening

Bulb Growing Tips

Your order will come with specific bulb planting suggestions on each pack. These will suggest a planting depth and, if necessary, a spacing guide and the situation needed. The catalogue entry suggests he site requirements also, so between the two it should be clear. As a guide the planting depth of soil over the bulb […]