Again Orchids Orchids is always Orchids

Image by donsutherland1
At the New York Botanical Garden’s 2011 Orchid Show “The Orchid Show: On Broadway” (Bronx, New York)—March 4, 2011

Cornflower Knapweed National Flower Germany

orchid bento
Image by Sakurako Kitsa
This turned out far fancier than I intended. The local grocery store was having a sale on edible flowers (.50 for 6 orchids, ridiculously cheap!), probably for wedding season. This orchid is more beautiful than anything I could make, so I thought I better showcase it.

Try as I might, I can’t bring myself to eat it. I’m going to take "edible" as "safe to touch food" and floated it in a crystal bowl of water instead.

Orchids at EcoUrls

Orchid Bees on Coryanthes speciosa
Image by Hickatee
Orchid Bees – Euglossa tridentata (Euglossini) on Coryanthes speciosa, Hickatee Cottages, Punta Gorda, Toledo District, Belize