Fascinated by the innumerable things that can be done or made with roses (according to the World of Roses), I decided to write them down to share with you. Painting pictures or using photographs of roses, single, spray, big, small, short, long, we can create an almanac for the rosarian’s daily use. With simple beautiful descriptions of the exhibiting species, a rose garden romance, a daily gift will capture the heart of those who love and grow roses; plus the many who silently love them.

We all know how wonderful it is to receive, to make, to give a bouquet of roses. For the young, for the bride, for the mother, for the sick, for the rich, for the poor, at graduation time, valentine time, birthdays, to decorate your home but particularly to bring to the church for the glory of the Almighty. The fragrance, color and splendor radiates joy and peace to the heart, mind and spirit.

Let’s talk a little bit about potpourri, the collection of dry petals of different roses, which is also an art. The decorations made with it are fascinating; it is expensive. Have you been approached to collect petals of Lady X, Color Magic, Confidence to make gorgeous lampshades? Beautiful jars make another unique decor full of the dried petals of roses. Centerpieces and focal points grace halls and homes as well as galleries and theaters. Crystal, golden boxes and silver combine the art and reality of the moment where the only limitation is your imagination. Come to the cozy room where the light is just perfect to show off your creation with rose petals and smile… Well, the lampshades are made with gorgeous rose petals delicately arranged and treated to endure time and usage. Absolutely beautiful! The soft rose petals of Bride’s Dream, Confidence, Dainty Bess, and Shady Lane were chosen for the occasion. There also, a single elegant crystal vase is showing off the beauty of First Kiss. What a delight! Windows of roses: what a celebration! A joy! A magnificent selection of pieces of rose gardens of famous rosarians here and abroad framed in a very unique way showing their gracefulness, beauty and colors bringing your rose garden into your home at all seasons.

Now what about roses in all your draperies? The hearts of people rejoice when seeing them and say: “It feels like you live in eternal spring.” What a joy! Of course, the selection of the specimen as well as color is your own choice. A gorgeous painting of Touch of Class framed with taste will give you the satisfaction that there is art in the air. The world rejoices because it can be shared with everyone at any moment at any season. It is originality at its best.

And then the “Rose” perfume; have you tried it? Ask Crabtree & Evelyn about it. It is exquisite. The rose china plate will make you feel at ease when you look at it on the delicate piece of furniture that displays it. You will breathe relaxed and dream and remember … memories afresh.

I believe it is time to share a different taste and use of roses; the rose petal marmalade. Hand made. The flavor heavenly; the color, a rose dream, and the gift a surprise.